Providing access to higher education


The Montana Guaranteed Student Loan Program (MGSLP) is a program within the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE). Working under the guidance of the Montana Board of Regents, MGSLP’s primary goal is to improve access to postsecondary education in Montana. This goal is accomplished by working collaboratively with partners who believe that an investment in education is an investment in Montana. 

MGSLP was created in 1979 by the Montana Legislature and successfully managed the Federal Family Education Program in Montana (MFESP) for over 30 years. MGSLP administers a number of state and federal grant and scholarship programs, including: the MUS Honor Scholarship, a renewable merit scholarship that covers the cost of tuition at qualifying Montana colleges; the MFESP and the Governor’s "Best and Brightest" Scholarship Program. 

MGSLP partners with schools and other agencies to develop customized, effective programs that assist students in successfully completing college while making informed financial decisions. MGSLP offers a variety of publications and web products that help students and families understand all financial aid programs and make positive money management choices. If a borrower finds they are having difficulty paying back student loans, MGSLP will work closely with the borrower to get them back on track.

From early awareness programs to financial management courses taught by staff, MGSLP delivers the information students and families need to succeed after high school. 

For more information about financial aid, call MGSLP toll free at 1-800-537-7508.

What is a Guaranty Agency?

We are often asked, “What does a Guaranty Agency do?” Well, we do numerous things; such as help students learn about finances, plan for college, pay for college, and successfully repay loans. But most importantly, we help increase access to higher education.

Internal Controls

The Montana Guaranteed Student Loan Program’s internals controls documents are available upon request.

Annual Reports

MGSLP makes annual reports available to detail our role as a Guaranty Agency and for statistical summary of scholarships awarded through the Governor’s Scholarship Program. See our Annual Reports for more information.