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Managing Your Loan

Already have a federal student loan? Need help managing it? We have information and tools that can help. ‚Äč

10 Steps to Keep YOU In Control of Your Student Loan Repayment

  1. Stay in contact with your lender/servicer and guarantor.
  2. Know when your payments begin.
  3. Know where to send your payments.
  4. Always be on time with your payments.
  5. Explore your payment schedule options.
  6. Utilize deferments to postpone payments.
  7. Know when and how to ask for forbearance.
  8. Keep capitalized interest to a minimum.
  9. Understand when and how to have your loans discharged or forgiven.
  10. Avoid default!
For more information or help following these steps, contact our Default Prevention team at 1-877-293-8946 or email us.