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Education-Related Deferment

For loans received on or after 07/01/1993, all borrowers may apply for a deferment if they are engaged in:
  • A full-time course of study in a Graduate Fellowship program, or
  • A full-time Rehabilitation Training program.

*Please click here for loans received prior to 07/01/1993.

Graduate Fellowship Qualifications 

The program must:
  • Provide sufficient financial support to allow for full-time study for a period of at least 6-months;
  • Require, prior to the awarding of financial support, a written statement from each applicant which explains the applicant’s objectives;
  • Require a graduate fellow to submit periodic reports, projects, or other evidence of the graduate fellow’s progress; and
  • In the case of a course of study at a foreign university, accept the course of study for completion of the fellowship program.

Rehabilitation Training Qualifications

The program must:
  • Be licensed, approved, certified or recognized as providing rehabilitation training to disabled individuals by the Department of Veterans Affairs or a state agency responsible for vocational rehabilitation, drug abuse treatment, mental health services, or alcohol abuse treatment programs;
  • Provide services under a written individualized plan that specifies the date the services are expected to end; and
  • Be structured in a way that requires a substantial commitment by you too your rehabilitation. (Substantial commitment means a commitment of time and effort that would normally prevent a person from being employed 30 or more hours per week in a position expected to last at least three months.)

To apply for a deferment due to any of these reasons, you must complete an Education-Related Deferment form and submit it to your lender(s). If you have any questions regarding your deferment, please contact one of our Default Prevention Counselors toll free at (877) 293-8946 or email us.