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Education-Related Deferment (prior to July 1, 1993)

Borrowers with loans received prior to 07/01/93 may qualify if they are:
  • Engaged in an Internship/Residency program, or
  • Teaching in a designated Teacher Shortage Area

Internship/Residency Qualifications

The program must:
  • Be a supervised training program, and
  • Require that you hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree before acceptance into the program.

In addition, the program must either:
  • Lead to a degree or certificate from an institution of higher education, a hospital, or a health care facility that offers postgraduate training; or
  • Be required before I may be certified for professional practice or service.

NOTE: For the latter of these two options, you must provide a separate statement from the appropriate state licensing agency certifying this requirement.

Teacher Shortage Qualification

You must teach full-time in a public or non-profit private elementary or secondary schools in a geographic region or specific grade level, academic, instructional, subject matter or discipline classification that has been designated as a shortage area by the U.S. Department of Education.

Use the Department of Education's Teacher Cancellation Low-Income Directory website to help identify shortage.

To apply for a deferment due to any of these reasons, you must complete an Education-Related Deferment Request form and submit it to your lender(s).