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In-School Deferment

As long as you are attending an accredited school at least half time, you qualify for an In-chool Deferment on your federal student loans. (The only exception would be for borrowers who have an outstanding loan received prior to July 1, 1987. These borrowers must be attending full-time to qualify for an in-school deferment.)

There is no limit on length or amount of In-school deferment you can be granted.

To receive an in-school deferment, call your lender(s). In most cases, they can review an electronic database to confirm your in-school status and grant the deferment over the phone. In rare cases, you may have to complete an In-School Deferment form.

Do not assume your lender knows you are in school. If your lender is sending you monthly billing statements, that is typically a good sign that they do not have you in a deferment or in-school status. Contact them immediately to have your account updated.

If you need assistance with your deferment, call our Default Prevention Counselors at (877) 293-8946 or email us.