Centrelink $600/Child Payment – Expected Arrival, Claim Dates, and How to Apply

Centrelink’s $600 per Child Payment in 2024 aims to support Australian carers who provide essential care for individuals with severe disabilities. Here’s a detailed look at the eligibility, application process, and payment dates for this vital support.

The $600 per child payment by Centrelink provides financial relief to Australians who dedicate their time to caring for someone with a severe disability. These carers often assist with daily activities such as dressing and eating, which their dependents cannot manage independently.


To qualify for the $600 per child payment, carers must meet several criteria:

  • The dependent must have a severe disability.
  • The carer should not be employed full-time.
  • The carer must pass an income and asset test.
  • The disability score of the dependent will be assessed.

Financial Criteria

The cost of living in Australia varies, but single individuals typically spend around $4,548 monthly, while couples spend approximately $8,000. The Carer Allowance aims to support these costs, ensuring carers can manage daily living expenses.

Is the Payment Coming?

The $600 per child payment started on January 1, 2024. Payments are being distributed to beneficiaries’ bank accounts on staggered dates throughout the year.

Payment Details

The Federal Government has planned these payments to provide financial relief to carers. Here’s a breakdown of the payment amounts:

RecipientPayment Amount
Young Carer$45.60
Pension Eligible$44.90
Medicare ProfessionalsUp to $560.40
Age Pension Recipient$4,000

Beneficiaries should check their MyGov accounts for the latest information and updates.

How to Claim

The first step to claim the payment is linking your MyGov account with Centrelink. This is mandatory for processing the payment.

Registration Process

  1. Create MyGov Account:
    • Visit the Services Australia website.
    • Register using an email address or digital identity.
    • Enter the required details and confirm via the code or link sent to your email.
  2. Login and Claim:
    • Open MyGov in your browser.
    • Login to your account.
    • Find the “Claim Centrelink $600 per Child Payment” option.
    • Ensure the child is under 16 years old and that the application includes up to four children if applicable.


Ensure all relevant documents are uploaded accurately during the application process. This includes personal, contact, and income details.

Payment Dates

Beneficiaries should expect a waiting period of approximately 21 days after completing their application. Payments are made fortnightly, aligning with Services Australia’s regulations.

Regular Payments

Once initiated, payments continue regularly, typically matching the schedule of previous payments. The Carer Supplement, an annual payment, also helps cover living costs for those who serve as carers.

The Centrelink $600 per child payment in 2024 provides crucial support for carers in Australia. By simplifying the application process and ensuring timely payments, this initiative helps carers manage their financial responsibilities while providing essential care. Ensure your banking information is accurate and stay updated through your MyGov account to receive these benefits promptly.


When will the $600 per child payment start?

The payment started in January 2024.

How do I claim the $600 per child payment?

Link your MyGov account with Centrelink and follow the online claim process.

What details are needed for the application?

Personal, contact, and income details are required.

How long is the processing time for payments?

Expect a waiting period of about 21 days.

Where can I find updates on my payment status?

Check your MyGov account for the latest information.

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