Hidden Benefits from ODSP: What Are the Hidden Benefits of ODSP and How to Claim?

In this article, you will get to know about the Hidden Benefits from ODSP: What Are the Hidden Benefits of ODSP and How to Claim? The Federal Government of Canada delivers financial support to the disabled residents of Ontario. With financial support, the Government also offers them jobs.

Hidden Benefits from ODSP

The individuals who are unable to manage their financial condition and can’t find work due to their disability condition. The beneficiaries of this program are granted some additional benefits other than the federal disability benefits of Canada. To know more essential information about those Hidden Benefits from ODSP, their benefits, and more, continue browsing this article.

The Ontario Disability Support Program delivers numerous benefits to the disabled who come under the disability criteria. Through this program, the Government try to help them with some financial assistance and certain other benefits that include their basic needs, health benefits, shelter allowances and several other benefits.

Through this program, individuals are also receiving some essential hidden benefits from ODSP. That helps them with some more benefits and safety requirements. The authorities also help the disabled by offering them jobs and preparing them to become self-independent. The hidden benefits are different for both genders.

What is ODSP?

ODSP is the financial assistance benefits program for the disabled in Ontario. The Ontario Disability Support Program is a child, community and social services program that offers specified income and employment support to the eligible and covers their household expenses like food, clothing and medical benefits.

This program is meant to get income from other sources that include the CPP and workplace safety after turning to the ODSP beneficiaries. The qualified individual receives the monthly benefits of 1,308 CAD for the single individual to cover the monthly living expenses.

What Are the Hidden Benefits of ODSP?

The Ontario Disability Support Program offers numerous benefits to the disabled for their mental or physical health-related benefits. That includes

  • Certain basic needs like clothing, food and some other personal items.
  • Shelter Grants help them to cover their rent and mortgage payments, utilities, condominium fees, heat insurance, and more.
  • Guide dog
  • Transportation allowances for their medical appointment
  • Career Advancement and job opportunity.
  • Deliver the payment according to the number of people in the family.
  • Up front their child care expenses with necessary home repairment.
  • Also includes some other benefits such as special diet allowances, breastfeeding allowances, access to employment support, and others.

These are some hidden benefits of ODSP for Ontario residents to have a sufficient sum of benefits to fulfil their and their family’s requirements. Through this program, the family also receives equal support from the disabled to overcome their day-to-day expenses. Shelter grants the beneficiaries receive the allowances according to the family size.

Eligibility of ODSP Benefits

The Ontario Disability Support Program benefits are made after determining the individual medical and financial conditions. Then assets them with the benefits eligibility limitations that include:

  • Required to be 18 and above
  • Needs to apply 6 months before your 18th birthday if someone is under 18  years old.
  • Needs to have Ontario residence
  • Fulfilling all the required eligibility criteria that define your eligibility.
  • Required to have proper working authorization to work in Canada and to receive employment support.

These are some eligibility criteria for the ODSP benefits.

How to Claim?

The individual who qualifies the eligibility criteria of ODSP can make their claim by following the mentioned steps below:

  • Browse the leading portal of the ontario.ca.
  • Then, you will get to see many services of the Ontario Government, so in the search bar, you are required to search for the Ontario Disability Support Program.
  • After that, click on Apply for ODSP.
  • Then you are required to log in to your account.
  • Fill out the application form and attach the required documents along with the application form
  • Submit the application

After that, the applicant will receive their confirmation mail within a 2 to 3-week period, and then you have to go for their interview round, and you will start receiving your ODSP benefits.

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