SASSA Appeal: How to Appeal SASSA SRD Grant? – R350 Appeal Status Check

SASSA Appeal: How to Appeal SASSA SRD Grant? – R350 Appeal Status Check and various related details can be checked here. The South African Social Security Agency looks after the Government’s social security system. The agency manages the disbursement of various social relief grants under the authority of the Department of Social Development. To know more details on SASSA Appeal, you must read the full article.

SASSA Appeal

The SASSA was formed in the year 2005 and has been administering the social grants for the welfare of the citizens. With the formation of this agency, the South African Government aimed at centralizing the relief distribution and decreasing corrupt practices. The grants under SASSA act as a massive support to those in need.

In the year 2022, more than 45% of South African citizens received some social grant depending on their needs. The department provides various types of grants, such as Child support grants, Disability grants, SRD grants and more.

SASSA Appeal Status Check

Are you wondering why your SASSA application has been rejected or why you haven’t received the grant payment? First of all, as there is a considerable inflow of applications received by SASSA, the process might get delayed at times.

If your application is rejected, it might have happened that some of the information you provided may not be accurate. In other cases, the bank account details might be missing. In that case, you can update your details and wait until the grant is processed. If your application is denied, you shall thoroughly check and see the reason stated for rejection.

When the form is verified as per the Government regulations, you must enter appropriate banking information. It will take roughly sixty to ninety days for the authorities to review your appeal and come to a conclusion. If it gets approved, you shall be entitled to receive the grant for the previous months and continue to receive it at the specified time.

How to Appeal the SASSA SRD Grant?

Social Relief of Distress is a grant to provide financial assistance to people who are unable to fulfil their basic needs of food and shelter. The people who can benefit under the SRD grant must be going through any of the following circumstances.

  • Might have suffered from an unforeseen disaster or crisis,
  • The applicant must be waiting for grants but hasn’t received them yet.
  • Unable to find employment because of medical issues,
  • The bread earner of the family might have died or been sent to jail for less than six months or
  • Might have been affected by a disaster but the local authorities might not have declared it as a disaster.

Hence, if you have applied for SRD because of any of the above reasons, you shall get the relief food money or the food packets/vouchers. The SRD grant is generally offered for three months, which is extendable to six months.

R350 Appeal Status Check

You have the option of checking the status of your R350 appeal through multiple platforms.

  • You can either visit the leading portal of SASSA and then log in using the ID and mobile number entered at the time of application. An option for tracking the appeal will be displayed on the screen.
  • Contact the authorities by calling them on the helpline number mentioned on the leading portal. The helpline details have also been mentioned in this article below.
  • If there is a local SASSA office near your residence, you can visit the officials there, who will furnish you with the details that you require.
  • An option for emailing simplifies the process. We have shared the email address for the officials in the next section.

The R350 is a grant that the approved applicants shall receive for a period of six months. The payment for the R350 grant will be received in the month of October in the bank accounts mentioned in the application form.

SRD Helpline

You can contact the officials by using the helpline provided in case you are facing any issues regarding the application. To ensure a smooth process, keep all your details handy while contacting the authorities on 0800601011. Another option is to write an email by clearly mentioning the queries on

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