SASSA Child Grant Increase July 2024 – Expected Increase, Possible Amount, and Key Dates

South Africa has been grappling with economic challenges, and the cost of living has risen significantly. Families, particularly those with foster children, have felt the pinch. To address this, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has announced an increase in the Child Grant for June 2024. This move aims to help families cope with global crises and economic hardships. Let’s cut into the details of this grant increase.

The SASSA provides financial assistance to over 20 million South Africans, with the Child Care grant being a crucial support for families with foster children. This grant is available until the child turns 18 or becomes independent. Recent budget changes for 2024 have prompted modifications to the grant, ensuring long-term benefits for families. SASSA manages the entire process from application to distribution, ensuring that eligible families receive their due support.

Anticipated Changes

With the new budget allocation, the Child Grant for 2024 will see significant changes. The total fund for this year is set at R19.5 million, with adjustments in the amount, eligibility criteria, and payment schedule. The National Treasury Department has outlined these changes to ensure better management and distribution of the funds.

Reasons for the Increase

South Africa is facing higher unemployment rates and global economic crises, necessitating an increase in grants to support underprivileged families.

Economic Inflation

For nearly a decade, the government has been providing financial support to manage poverty. The increased grants are essential to mitigate the economic crisis.

Social Inclusion

Expanding the beneficiary base ensures that more low-income families receive the support they need, promoting inclusive growth and raising awareness about available grants.

Expected Increase Amount

The new fiscal year will bring a boost to the Child Grant. The general increase will be R50, with foster care families receiving an increase to R1130 per child. Here’s a breakdown:

CategoryCurrent Amount (R)Increased Amount (R)
General Child Grant2002080
Foster Care Grant10801130
Children Above 6 Years10510
Children in Foster Care1080 – 20001130 – 2080

Disabled children will receive a separate increase under the disability grant.

Payment Dates

Grants are distributed monthly, typically at the beginning of each month. Here’s the schedule for the Child Grant payments in 2024:

January5th Jan
February6th Feb
March7th Mar
April4th Apr
May5th May
June7th Jun
July8th Jul
August1st Aug
September2nd Sep
October4th Oct
November6th Nov
December5th Dec

Parents should check their accounts regularly for updates on their payments. Disability benefits will be issued a day before the regular child grant.

In conclusion, the increase in the South Africa Child Grant is a significant step towards helping families navigate economic challenges. The new allocations will provide much-needed support to those struggling with rising costs and economic instability.


Is the South Africa Child Grant increase confirmed?

Yes, the increase is confirmed for June 2024.

How much will the Child Grant increase by?

The Child Grant will increase by R50 for most categories.

When will the payments be made?

Payments are made at the beginning of each month.

Who manages the grant distribution?

SASSA manages the application, approval, and distribution of the grants.

Will there be a separate increase for disabled children?

Yes, disabled children will receive an increase under a separate disability grant.

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