CPP Survivor Benefits: How Long Will I Receive CPP Survivor Benefits, Who is Entitled?

Refer to this article for insights on the CPP Survivor Benefits: How Long Will I Receive Survivor Benefits, Who is Entitled? and how to apply. The Canada Pension Plan has been providing financial support since 1966. It was implemented to aid the citizens after pension, disability or assist the family after the person’s demise. Allow us to delve you deeper into the topic, CPP Survivor Benefits. You will get the appropriate information regarding teh financial aid.

CPP Survivor Benefits

All the residents who make eligible contributions towards the CPP get monthly payments after their retirement. This plan includes the child’s benefit, survivor’s pension and death benefit. In case of the demise of the contributor to the CPP, the survivor is entitled to receive this amount.

The benefits can be availed only if the contributor has donated a sufficient amount to the benefit account. This plan is helpful to the family members solely dependent on the earnings of the contributor. The survivor applicant shall receive the payments on a monthly basis.

How Long Will I Receive Survivor Benefits?

It is important for the contributor to have made eligible contributions to the plan. Only in that case shall the survivor receive the benefit of this plan. The contributions must have been made for a minimum of three years.

The spouse or legal partners can receive the payments till the age they live. However, in the case of children, the CPP Survivor Benefits shall terminate as soon as they cross twenty-five years of age. To ascertain the eligibility, let’s proceed to the next section.

Who is Entitled to Receive CPP Survivor Benefits?

Only the individuals who are eligible as per the standards specified by the officials shall receive the benefit of this scheme. The eligible survivor can be related to the contributor through marriage, as a legal partner or their child.

The spouse continues to be eligible even after marrying someone else. As for the children, they must be below the age of twenty-five yrs. They must also be attending a school or university as a regular student. The eligibility ceases if they stop going to any educational institution.

How Much Can I Get?

The amount of CPP Survivor Benefits one shall get mainly depends on the contributions made. The amount is calculated after taking into consideration various other points, such as:

  • The amount of contributions made and the tenure of these donations.
  • The age criterion is important for the officials to know. The data is generally entered at the approximate time of the contributor’s demise.
  • The beneficiaries who have children have a financial dependency on them.
  • If the eligible person is receiving any other benefit under the CPP plan.
  • In case the person is suffering from any sort of disability.

The pension amount plays a crucial significance here because the officials might address their contribution. Afterwards, further calculations are done in view of the below-mentioned circumstances.

AgeBenefit Amount
More than 6560 % of the pension
Between 45 and 64The base amount, along with 37.5 % of the pension
Less than 45 with a disability or a child dependent on them
Below 45 without any disability or dependent childSame as above, after deducting 1/120 part for each of the months survivor was below the age of 45
Less than 35 without disability or dependent childThe benefit starts only after the survivor reaches the age of 65 or if they get disabled before that.

If the eligible survivor is entitled to any other benefit, the CPP Survivor Benefits shall be affected accordingly. The amount shall be decided as per the regulations laid down by the authorities.

How to Apply for CPP Survivor Benefits?

To receive the benefits under this plan, the survivor must apply soon after the demise of the contributor. Also, the payment shall only be received if the contributions have been made for the tenure specified under the plan.

The application can be completed either online or by filling out an offline form and submitting it to the concerned department. To proceed with the online application, follow the instructions listed below.

  • First of all, ensure that the device has a feasible internet connectivity. This will avoid any possible delays.
  • Then, search the link of the My Service Canada in the web browser.
  • Continue by entering the registered credentials.
  • After that, complete the CPP Survivor Benefits form.
  • You shall be asked to upload certain documents in support of the claim.
  • The documents have to uploaded in the suitable format within the space provided. Alternatively, one can also mail them to the nearest Service Canada Centre.
  • Remember to mention the SIN of the deceased and the survivor.

Read the instructions while submitting the form. Do not fail to apply for the benefit plan within a year of the contributor’s demise. The survivor shall start getting the payment in between 1.5 to 3 months from the date of the application.

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