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UK £25 Payment Every Week

The poorer population is disproportionately affected by colder winter weather since it raises heating costs, especially given the current energy crisis. To address the issue, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) offers a cold weather payment policy that enables recipients in hundreds of postcodes to get additional funding when temperatures drop below freezing.

If, for seven days in a row, the average temperature in your area is recorded as, or predicted to be, 0 degrees Celsius or below, you will be paid. If there are seven days of exceptionally cold weather between November 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024, you will receive £25 payment every week.

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Understanding UK £25 Payment

These £25 per week funds, if you qualify for them, can be used to lower the cost of heating your house or to purchase warm clothing or more bedding. if there are seven or more days in a row when the local temperature falls below freezing.

In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the DWP introduced the Cold Weather Payments program, which is in effect from November 1 to March 31 annually. The additional financial boost is anticipated to pay for the rise in heating costs as well as other necessities needed to combat the cold.

Claims are limited to those receiving specific benefits, and Cold Weather Payments have no bearing on your other benefits. Only persons receiving income assistance, income-related jobseeker’s allowance, pension credit, income-related employment and support allowance, certain universal credit claimants, and mortgage interest support are eligible for these payments.

UK £25 Payment Every Week Overview

Article ThemeUK Universal Credit Claimants Eligible for £25 Payment Every Week
CountryUnited Kingdom
Provided ByDWP
Net amount£25/ Week
Eligible DatesNovember 1 to March 31

Universal Credit Claimants Eligible for £25 Payment

A weekly payment of £25 towards the cost of heating your house throughout the winter can be obtained through the Cold Weather Payments grant, which is accessible to people receiving specific benefits. In the event that you currently get Universal Credit, you qualify for a £25 payment.

If you meet the following requirements and are not self-employed or employed, you will receive a Cold Weather Payment while claiming Universal Credit:

  • You live with a youngster who is younger than five.
  • Your capacity to work is reduced due to a handicap or medical condition.
  • You are qualified in this scenario whether or not you work for yourself because you have a disabled child.

Simply input the first half of your postcode into the Department for Work and Pensions’ Cold Weather Payment checker to find out how many seven-day streaks of extremely cold weather have occurred in your area.

Claiming UK £25 Payment

You should notify Jobcentre Plus if your situation changes to the point where you are now eligible (for example, if you become the parent of a child under five or have a baby). The DWP grant should immediately appear in the same account as the benefit payments within two weeks if you are qualified.

Following each seven-day stretch of cold weather, people who currently receive specific types of benefits should be automatically registered to receive Cold Weather Payments. The same bank account that receives your other benefits will get £25 for each week that the temperature drops below freezing.

Should you still haven’t received the payment despite being qualified, get in touch with your pension center, Jobcentre Plus office, or give the Universal Credit helpline a call at 0800 328 5644.


Will I get £25 Payment in UK, if I am on ESA?

Cold Weather Payments are typically available to recipients of income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) if they participate in work-related activity or support groups.

Can I challenge an authoritative decision on £25 Cold weather Payment? 

Yes, you can challenge an authoritative decision on £25 Cold weather Payment. You can typically ask for this to be reevaluated if you don’t agree with the eligibility determination. A “mandatory reconsideration” is what is meant by this.

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